Ring vs Ring Pro vs Ring 2 Video Doorbell: Which is the best?

Ring Video Doorbell monitoring

Once you’ve got the camera installed, you monitor the feed yourself through the Ring app on your smartphone. The camera will send push notifications to your phone whenever someone triggers its motion detectors. (Basically whenever someone approaches the doorstep .)

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We were pretty impressed with Ring©s 180-degree field of vision. We positioned our Ring camera on the side of a hall-like entryway, and that we still had a full view of the world . We could not creep up from the side without triggering the camera.

Once you purchase the Ring, the mobile app is free, which is great. Not every company does that. If you get your doorbell camera through a standard security provider like Vivint or ADT Pulse, you would like to stay paying for his or her monitoring services to possess access to the app regardless of whether or not you have paid off the hardware.

We just like the Ring app overall, especially its neighborhood-focused app.

Once we paired the Ring Video Doorbell with our smartphone and installed it, we were good to travel . We were also stoked to seek out out you’ve got essentially unlimited shared users, and it’s easy to feature them — you just need their email address.

If you reside during a house with a bunch of roommates, you don’t need to designate one person to observe everyone’s Amazon deliveries arrive. Everyone can access the camera, get alerts, and ask people on the porch.

Additional Ring app features

All Ring Video Doorbell cameras have motion detection, and every one of them allow you to customize how far you would like the motion detection to succeed in . You don’t need a push notification whenever a child rides a motorcycle down the sidewalk ahead of your house, but you are doing want to understand when the UPS guy drops off a package.

Ring allows you to select motion detection zones, which make it pretty easy to limit how far your motion detection reaches. Maybe you are doing want to understand about every kid on a tricycle who might trample your lawn. you are doing you.

Getting to Know Ring

Our experts are curious about Ring products ever since they first hit the shelves. Back in 2016, Ring had just about cornered the market on video doorbells.1
The ring doorbell is the little old version. But over time, we watched them expand their offerings to finish home security. Today, we see similar technology across all of Ring’s systems and services. With Ring, it’s not about how high-tech their products are. We found that it’s more about how user-friendly their solutions are often for everyday users.

So we researched and assessed Ring doorbells from every angle. One thing we like about these devices is that there’s no monthly subscription required. However, we did choose their low-cost premium decide to get Ring’s added features, but we’ll dive into that in only a touch . The equipment price is additionally fair, starting at $99 for the bottom model. Also, Ring doorbells are often accessed and controlled using your smartphone and other mobile devices, which may be a nice feature that we use frequently.

Of course, we discover weaknesses with every product we analyze — and Ring was no exception. We’ll discuss the disadvantages of selecting this product, but don’t worry, there weren’t any deal-breakers. We are experts, and that we know what to seem for in terms of features, technology, build, and value. We always identify the choices that are literally well worth the money. So we had Ring’s latest doorbells shipped our way. In no time, we had them installed and prepared to be used . Here’s what we found.

Installation for Ring,Ring Pro and Ring video Doorbell 2

Ring Pro is slim, vertically-long and with four interchangeable faceplates, it are often considered as an excellent option while just watching the planning .

The dimensions are 4.5 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches.

And if you’ve got a narrow door frame, then i might never suggest you look anywhere else aside from Ring Pro.

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Ring pro was the foremost advanced Ring doorbell until Ring video doorbell 2 came into the market. The Ring video doorbell 2 has an equivalent features apart from the very fact that it’s a swapp able battery and Ring pro can only be hardwired.

Despite all this, Ring doorbell pro has its own charm and performs great.

Ring video doorbell 2 may be a fresh entry within the sphere and may be a successor of Ring video doorbell.


Ease of installation is one among the foremost things any damn doorbell buying guide would suggest you think of .

After all, why would you wish to require unwanted headaches?

Since these all are smart doorbells so, you would like to stay in mind that hardware setup also will be followed by the software setup where you would like to put in the appliance and configure it for the primary and later use.

Also, the appliance is that the same for all. So, in any case, if you own all of them or any two of them, you would like not install any separate app.

Ring video doorbell

The first thing you would like to understand is that this Ring video doorbell isn’t likely to suit your door frame because it is comparatively bulkier in size. So, confirm that you simply have an alternate space to put in that.

Since this Ring video doorbell is dual powered. So, just in case if you would like to brace yourself from the effort of hardwiring it, you’ll choose the battery option.

A 16–24VAC external power source is required if you would like to power it using an external source otherwise you can install it at an equivalent place where your existing doorbell is.

All the essentials are included within the package so, you would like not require any third-party tool to repair that at the doorstep .

The installation part isn’t in the least an enormous concern and if you’re a lively DIY’er then it’s like icing on the highest .

Ring Pro

As already stated, Ring Pro possesses a slim design type. So, it might be tons easier to repair Ring pro at an equivalent place as of your existing buzzer.

Unlike, Ring video doorbell and Ring video doorbell 2, you simply have the choice to hardwire it. Technical expertise could be required while installing it.

Ring video doorbell 2

Continuing the legacy of its predecessor, Ring 2 also comes with dual power options.

So, you would like not necessarily hardwire the doorbell. All you would like to try to to is to form use of the battery power option.


If you would like to hardwire it, then you’ll even have to put in the battery.

It is quite evident that a battery-powered installation will take less time than the hard wiring, and it does so.

The battery is removable, and you’ll do so without even unmounting the entire device.

Ring 2 is additionally presumably to suit at an equivalent place where your existing buzzer is. Ring 2 are often connected to any existing electronic and mechanical chime which does its operations within the range of 8 volts AC and 24 volts AC.

So, now whenever the doorbell button is pressed, your existing chime will ring. Since the Ring doorbell 2 is connected to the prevailing wiring, it’ll also confirm that the battery is charged.

The application setup is sort of a breeze, and if you’ve got an existing Ring account, that’s even better and can expedite the method .

However, it’s advised to consult knowledgeable technician so as to avoid any glitches.

Verdict: Ring video doorbell 2 and Ring video doorbell serves are a far better option when it involves simple installation.

This time Ring 2 comes with 2 color finishes which are included within the package instead of the 4 color options within the Ring video doorbell.

Relatively smaller than the first but not slim like Ring Pro. So, sorry, if you’ve got a narrow door frame.

The dimensions are 5.1 x 2.5 x 1.1 inches.

The main feature that sets the Ring Video Doorbell Pro aside from the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is activity zones, or what Ring calls Advanced Motion Detection. Activity zones allow you to tell your camera what to specialise in and what to ignore. As you’ll presumably be using your doorbell camera outside, an honest example would be marking your property as important and therefore the street as unimportant. this may cause more helpful notifications, alerting you simply if someone is on your property.

Top Video Doorbell for Features

Features-wise, the sole difference between the 2 video doorbells is that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro has digital zoom and activity zones which the Ring Video Doorbell 2 lacks, therefore the crown will attend the professional , again, just by a hair.

Installing the Ring Video Doorbell 2 vs. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

While the Ring Video Doorbell 2 are often hardwired or battery-operated, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro can only be hardwired. I installed both doorbells in two places — at a house in Austin, Texas with an existing chime and doorbell setup, also as in my Brooklyn apartment, which lacks an existing setup.

Recap of Ring Video Doorbell 2 vs. Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Aside from their sizes and orientations, the sole differences between the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and therefore the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is that the professional has digital zoom and activity zones, for $80 more. Ultimately, I don’t think this small of a difference is well worth the additional $80, a minimum of to not me. But I understand that some people may actually need digital zoom or activity zones, during which case, be my guest and buy the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

I’d accompany the Ring Video Doorbell 2 if you would like …
More affordable price: The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is merely $169, $80 but the Ring Video Doorbell at $249.
Battery-operated option: If you don’t have a 16–24 VAC transformer in your home, you’ll still use the Ring Video Doorbell 2.
Easier installation: If you select to travel with batteries over hardwiring, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 are going to be easier to put in than the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

To learn more, read our full review of the Ring Video Doorbell 2.

However, if you want, choose the Ring Video Doorbell Pro…
Digital zoom: For that extra detail, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro possesses you.
Activity zones: Your notifications are going to be more specific and relevant with the activity zones of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.
For more information, read our full review of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

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What is the difference between the Ring Video Doorbell 2 vs the Ring Video Doorbell Pro?
The Ring Video Doorbell 2 are often battery-operated or hardwired, while the professional is merely hardwired. Additionally, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro has activity zones, which the two lacks. Finally, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro costs $80 quite the Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Is Ring the simplest video doorbell?
Ring isn’t the simplest video doorbell of all because Ring’s video doorbells lack person detection or face recognition . However, with 1080p HD video, integrations with Alexa and Google Assistant plus battery or hardwired options, Ring produces a number of the simplest video doorbells on the market.

Does Ring work without a subscription?
Ring does work without a subscription. You’ll still be ready to livestream footage, receive notifications and control your devices on the Ring — Always Home app without paying a monthly fee.

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